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Heavy Duty Towing in Chicago

Let’s say you have to get your vehicle or equipment from point A to point B. We have you covered!

Towing in Chicago

Let’s say you have to get your vehicle or equipment from point A to point B. We have you covered!

Veteran’s Towing & Recovery Proudly Serves Chicago

Whether you are on our daily morning commute to work or taking a detour for the weekend, everyday we see vehicles in need of towing services. For those who drive or operate larger vehicles such as:

  • Large RV’s and Campers
  • Large Buses
  • Semi Trailer
  • Semi Truck

You may be wondering, where can I get heavy duty towing or where can I get a heavy duty tow truck in or near Chicago? The answer is simple–right here at Veteran’s Recovery and Inc.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck Chicago IL

While heavy duty towing may have never crossed your mind, but now that your semi truck, semi trailer or large bus broke down–you are in need of a heavy tow truck or semi towing near Chicago, IL. Don’t panic! Veteran’s Towing and Recovery Inc. has a modern fleet of tow trucks to handle a variety of different types of vehicles from motorcycles, ATV’s, vans, campers, RV’s and even semi towing services. We also offer 24/7 roadside assistance, so feel free to reach us at (630) 880-8387 for your heavy truck towing and semi truck towing needs in Chicago.

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Chicago Towing Service

Chicago Towing Company

Heavy Duty Truck Towing Chicago IL

Our heavy duty tow trucks can help you transport any heavy duty vehicles that weigh anywhere from 26,001 lbs to 80,000 lbs. If you drive a large bus, large RV or camper, or semi trailer or semi truck–give Veteran’s Recovery and Inc. a call today! We understand that certain obstacles on the road are inevitable such as unfortunate accidents, rollovers due to sharp turns in the road, high centers of gravity, and more. However, our heavy duty truck towing operators are classroom trained and experienced making them equipped to take care of any roadside situation no matter how severe it may be.


Heavy Truck Towing Chicago IL

We also carry a fleet of modern heavy duty tow trucks such as semi truck towing services to be able to fit any extreme vehicle including buses, motorhomes, vans, and even certain construction vehicles.

Semi Truck Towing Chicago IL

In order to avoid further damage to your heavy duty truck, semi truck, or semi trailer, choosing the best provider like Veteran’s Recovery and Inc. near Chicago during times of emergency is a safe option. Towing semi tractor-trailers requires a lot of experience as it could be dangerous and difficult to do.

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Chicago Towing Near Me

Chicago Tow Truck

Semi Towing Chicago IL

Often, semi trucks and semi trailers require heavy duty towing to take the vehicle out from any emergency. However, at Veteran’s Recovery and Inc. you can rest easy because our highly skilled and well-trained drivers are experienced to handle your large vehicle without a problem! Our heavy duty tow trucks and semi towing services are built for just about anything.

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  • Towing

    • Motorcycle
    • Light Duty Vehicle
    • Medium Duty Vehicle
    • Heavy Duty Vehicle
  • Accident Recovery

  • Flat Tire / Tire Change

  • Jumpstart

  • Vehicle Lockout

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Driveshaft Removal

  • Winching

  • Storage

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